MFW for JUST History and Science

We are set on our reading and math program, but we are struggling a bit trying to find a good soc. studies/history and science curriculum for our 1st grader. I have looked at My Father’s World in the past and I like that it’s very hands on, faith based and laid out…Our daughter would probably be at the 2nd grade level according to the standards of MFW, which is totally fine. Has anyone used this curriculum for JUST these 2 subjects? If so why…and is there anything else you can suggest?

I have used MFW for Kindergarten, First Grade, 2nd grade (Adventures) and ECC. I have mostly used it for History and Bible. I tried to use their Science, but did not like it. I felt like it was very scattered and minimal. Because we have to add in our own Lang. Arts & Math, and we choose to substitute our own Science, I found I paid a lot for just using MFW History…too much, IMO. But it is a good priced program if you use it in its entirety.

For First grade, the entire program is practically built on its Phonics. So, without doing that, it isn’t worth using MFW for that grade, IMO. But, I will say I love the way Phonics is taught in K & 1st. Some people think its too slow or not enough, but as a former Kinder teacher, I think it is solid.

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Have you taken a look at the Science in the Beginning set by Jay Wile?
The first one covers a broad overview of science using the days of creation as a guide:
After that, they move through the history of science in a chronological order.
The Apologia Science books by Fulbright cover the physical world in a more topical approach.

How do you want to approach history/social studies over the next few years? You could choose a chronological approach like: Story of the World; Mystery of History or Tapestry of Grace.
You could choose a publisher and walk through their grade levels like: My Father’s World; Abeka; or Bob Jones.
You could also just have her pick library books that look interesting. (Sonlight takes this kind of approach).

There is not really a wrong way to do history and science in the early years, so what sounds most exciting? You will have to decide if you want to pay for someone to get all your books and give you the plan, or use a textbook and find more at the library as you find interesting topics.

1st and 2nd grade can be really hard if you do not want to tie your history and science into your reading and writing.

I have not looked at Science in the Beginning, Ill take a look. I do want to do Apologia, I have heard nothing but good things about it, but I hear mixed reviews on when and what book to start with at the 1st grade-ish level. I think Science will be easier to fulfill and find the right one. As far as History/Soc Studies, that’s where I think I’m struggling the most, we have to do testing on the odd grade levels (IOWA, CAT, etc) , so I need to make sure any questions that are on the tests we cover as best we can. We have been doing little unit studies here and there that work pretty well, along with basic books and videos, but I just need something a little more laid out for me, if that makes sense. :smile:

I have looked into using veritas press history when my daughter is a little older. She’s only 4. But you could probably start now. It is woven into the year long curriculum in grades k-1, but in second it is its own separate thing. It is chronological, and uses lots of fun songs, chants, visuals to help them learn.

For science we really like Noeo science. I personally felt it was more succinct and less boring than Apologia, but that is just one opinion. I know lots of people who like Apologia, so I think it just depends on what you prefer and how your daughter learns.