Math U See Manipulatives

I am planning to use Math U See Primer level for my twins in the fall. Just curious if I should purchase two sets of manipulatives or do you think I could get by with just one set?

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I just finished Primer and Beta. We have two sets, but I could have easily gotten by with just one. I would buy just one. If you plan on using it for many years, maybe buy another set next year. We got by using only the one set even though we did math together. On the rare assignment that requires lots of blocks, like building a block clock, you can do it together.

Thanks so much for responding. Will definitely stick to 1 set!

Do yourself a favor and buy a tackle box (craft box with dividers) to organize the blocks. The blocks will only fit back in the small box that they get shipped in if you put them EXACTLY back the way they were. It is frustrating. You can get the flat boxes, but it won’t fit the red hundred blocks. This is a good example.