Math U See Manipulatives Set - Starter, Completer, Wood Cases and Fraction Overlay Set- SOLD


update: Sold

$90 (+ $20/shipping):
Almost New! Used 1 time each and we decided to go with a different math program. I was going to keep them because they are such useful tools, but the program we are using has a completely different approach. Wish MUS would’ve worked for my kids, as I loved it!

This set is 100% complete and in near perfect condition. (I don’t see any flaws, but there may be something tiny, such as a bump or scratch)

It contains the starter, completer set of blocks and both come in wood cases with their acrylic tops. (They don’t sell the wood cases anymore, they’re awesome and super nice quality!) The original instructions and sticker come with these.

I’m also including the Fraction Overlay Kit, which is a $49 value. It is near perfect as well and everything is included.

I’m going to list this on Ebay soon, but wanted to offer on here first. Shipping is on the higher side because they are fairly heavy, but I always ship FedEx or UPS so I can count on it arriving safely! :slight_smile: thanks and let me know if you have questions!


I would love to purchase this for my grandson but can’t afford it right now. :frowning:


I’m sorry- there are a few sets on Ebay that aren’t as comprehensive but less expensive. hope you find one that fits your needs!


Listing on Ebay tonight with a $1 starting bid- you can try it on there! :slight_smile: There’s a $95 Buy It Now option as well.



Did you already sell these? What is your seller name on eBay? I’m interested in buying these. Really need them.

Thank You


Yes- I updated title of this thread. Tried to delete it. Sorry about the confusion!


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