Math question-should I switch right now?

My son is in Kindy and he’s a whiz at Math. It’s his favorite subject and he’s been pretty bored all year. He’s been doing Horizons since it came with our Sonlight curriculum. I’m looking into Math U See and I love what I’ve read about it. A question I have for right now is this…My son is asking for harder stuff. I planned on not starting him with Math U see until the Fall but I’m wondering if I should just get it for him right now and get him going on it. We’re planning on homeschooling through most of the Summer. I just want to make sure he has something to work on when he wants to so he doesn’t get frustrated.

Thanks all!

I see no reason not to switch now. It is your homeschool, do what he needs. You didn’t have to be confined to an arbitrary time schedule.


MUS is one of those programs that you can start and end at any time. (Some math program need to complete a level in a school year to work properly.) Go for it!

I agree with the others! If you have the means and he has the will, go for it. Feed his curiosity while he has it!

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