Make your own Trace & Write Pages

I would love to be able to make my own trace and write pages for my daughter, but I can’t figure out how! Is there a website, special program, or font I can download to use in Word?


I have been using Startwrite that I won in a giveaway. It’s quite versatile. So far I like it. You can write whatever text you want and write it any way you want. Bubble letters, dots, lines, decision dots, stating dot, manuscript, or cursive. My son didn’t want to write words with just the dotted line to follow so I made some worksheets for him where he writes out the text first in bubble letters with dots and the next time it’s just the dotted line.


Do a quick online search for handwriting worksheet maker of handwriting worksheets. There are a few good websites out there that allow you to type in what you want and it creates the worksheet. I use them often with my English teaching classes. Many of them will also allow you to choose cursive or print, and how big the lines should be etc. most use flash technology so you can’t use them on iPad, have to use a desktop computer or browser that can run flash.

I use Kidzone now but when my old laptop was working, I downloaded a special font so I could make my own special papers using Fontspace. :slight_smile:

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I used StartWrite. It’s gives you the flexibility to type in whatever you want.

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You can create quick tracing pages using any word processing program such as MS Word, or whatever you have. There are free dashed fonts here:

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