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IEW Writing Course - need link for A

Hi. The youtube video I watched of Erica is from 2016. It sold me on the IEW however they no longer sell the one she talks about for level A. I see there is another level A but I’m assuming they no longer offer the pdf version to print out the books? I’m just at a loss right now and would really like a link so I know what to get that is basically the same thing she is talking about. This is the best that I found:
It’s $150 now instead of the $109 she mentions from 2016. Am I looking at the right thing? Thank you!

Yes, this is the correct program! They recently updated the program and all of the video footage. The channel EDUCATIONAL ROOTS on YouTube has a recent review on the program. You should check it out.

Their new replacement is the Student Structure and Style units. It’s basically the same, but updated with more information, videos, and now it’s available streaming! You can see it here: