I just need help! Transferring Mid-Year


Please help!! I’m taking my kindergartener and 5th grader out of public school mid-year and I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do with their curriculum. They currently only have 3-4 months left in ps. I eventually want to do A Beka Academy. I’ve already submitted my letter of intent to NC and I’m withdrawing from ps next week.

Here’s my questions …

  1. Where do I pick up? Meaning, do I have to buy the complete K5 and grade 5 kits? Or, can I just self teach with another curriculum for the next couple month and start the complete A Beka Academy system for the next school year?
  2. How do I complete standardized testing? Where do I get the testing?

Simply put, what do I have to do to get through the rest of the school year so they pass K5 and 5th grade?

Thank you,


I do not know the laws in your state. That would be the first thing you need to look up. Then de-school the rest of the year. Read great books, watch educational documentaries, blow some things up with Mentos and soda. Watch MythBusters and Magic Schoolbus. Practice math facts. Make cookies. Build blanket forts! Read about a time period that interests your kids or grab a copy of The Story of the World and use it as a framework. Most of all, RELAX!

Then take your time to figure out what you want your homeschool to look like.

Like Lit? Try Moving Beyond the Page or Book Shark
Classical? Can’t beat Memoria Press and The Well-trained Mind
Charlotte Mason-ish? Look at what Barefoot Meandering has to offer
Waldorf-ish? Oak Meadow or EarthSchooling is your stop.
Traditional? BJU is Christian based with loads of options. Calvert School is another.
Make your path? Look up the Core Knowledge Foundation free sequence and plans.

Make this YOUR path. And good luck!


Hi! Definitely check your state laws first to ensure that you’re following their standards, but the rest is up to you! If it were me, I would not buy K5 and 5th grade just to finish the year, but I would look for shorter workbooks and things to finish the year. You could maybe follow interest-led learning these last few months (like if they like space, do a bunch of things related to space-- read books, watch videos, go on field trips, etc.) and keep up with math on Khan Acadamy (free online). Otherwise, check pinterest and teachers pay teachers for inexpensive or free ideas and worksheets.

Standardized testing- sorry, I don’t know! Check with your local school district though. Good luck and blessings as you begin this journey!