How do you have your children memorize bible verses?

I am looking for ways to help my son memorize bible verses better. I have tried index cards and verses on cards all over the walls. He can memorize them for a little while but then he seems to forget.

Anyone have any good advice and how to make it stick?

It may depend on how old your child is? It seems the younger the child, the more they might remember it if it’s sung. (Which can be hard, but get creative with it!)

We review each memorized verse (or whatever) once a week to help maintain. If there is one someone is struggling with, we review that one individually.

We love to play games to help memorize.

lately we use a white board, write it all down then let the kids erase a word(s) at a time after reciting it. Repeat. The repetition is great and they feel more in charge.

Sometimes we also replace a word or two with a silly word that sounds similar…they laugh…you make fun for a while then you get back to the original word. If they need help remembering, you say the funny word and that triggers their memory.

Hope this helps you!

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We use mainly songs too. Here’s a website that has a ton of useful ones, you just have to subscribe.

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I also do the repeat after me sort of memorization. At least one of my kids learns well that way so I try to say it using different vocal patterns and rhythms or even weird voices. Sometimes we’ll clap our hands or make signs to remember the words too. It’s mostly just things I make up as we go along!

I love the simplycharlotte mason review system. My kids are young enough to stay at the weekly review stage, but we do not yet have quite enough to move into the monthly review system anyway.