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HISTORY curriculum suggestions needed (elementary)

My kiddos are kindergarten through second grade, and I know we don’t need to stress about history at this age, but my kiddos are like sponges for stories and I would like to take advantage of that.

I’m looking for history curriculum that

–I don’t have to read to them (I have ADD and I just can’t make myself sit down that long- I would totally be listening with them and my favorite is having discussions afterwards… I have tried to do story of the world for two years in a row, and my kids love it when I read it, but the audio CD bored them and I need to accept that I’m just not going to sit down for that long, cause we just never do it

–either no prep, or prep that I can do all of the beginning of the year, and keep in an accessible bin (nothing I have to read through at the beginning of each lesson)

–will create a love of learning! Something super engaging for kids, not like most audio books (we really like Charlotte Mason)

–timeline based, but of course doesn’t have to be thorough at this age (I like the idea of making it through all of world history in one year so that they get an idea of the scope that history covers, going more in-depth in later years). I just want to be able to put something on a timeline.

–review that is fun and engaging… A timeline song/something we can add each topic to as we cover it. Again, not looking for something that requires them to remember a ton of details, I just I want them to remember the basics of what we cover…

–I don’t mind teacher intensive during the lessons, I actually like that… (as long as it’s interactive apparently)

I absolutely love logic of English and right start math that have very guided things for the teacher to say during the lesson, in the discussion format, and my kids thrive on the kinesthetic/games-for-learning side of those curriculums. I’ve been trying to splice together some combination of story of the world and make my own timeline punchouts, and make a timeline song… But my mind is boggled down trying to plan it all out. I was looking at the good and the beautiful history 1 which hits a lot of my needs but it seems like I would have to read a lot, and it doesn’t actually have time-line figures or a song, so I would still have to create that part of the curriculum anyway.

I don’t have a lot of hope that there is something out there remotely like what I’m looking for, but maybe somebody has some suggestions that would be close?

Have you looked at Adventures in Mommydom?

She has ADHD and so do her children.

Veritas Press has online history. It is zero prep for you and high motivation for kids. Very much worth the cost! Your kids can share a log in. You don’t have to add anything to it at all, if you don;t want. I highly suggest it.