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High school credit?

Hello, at what grade can a student earn high school credit here in Colorado ? My daughter is entering 8th grade and is taking Math U See algebra 1 (typically a high school level course) I’ve scoured our Colorado education website and sent an email to HSLDA (waiting for a reply)…but meanwhile, does anybody know??! Thank you, Melissa

In Maryland where I am we create our own transcripts. My son took a few high school level classes (iincluding algebra) this last year as an 8th grader and I will include some on his transcript with a letter grade and GPA #. We can kind of do what we want in our state regarding transcripts.

I think for college we may not end up including it on the transcript but may just show that he has 4 years of math (probably geometry, algebra 2, pre-calc, and calculus at our current pace). Hope that helps!

It’s not too uncommon for Algebra 1 to be done in 8th grade. Unless you are short on math credits for highschool, I wouldn’t bother showing it on the high school transcript.

Hi, You might want to verify this with your local school district, but from what I understand you can’t include things they did in 8th grade on their high school transcripts. We ran into that issue with MUS Algebra 1 as well since it’s usually a 9th grade course. So for 9th grade they were in Geometry, then Algebra 2 for 10th, then Pre-calc this upcoming year.