Heart of Dakota vs Math U See

We are currently using Math U See Beta and I am thinking of going with Heart of Dakota math instead for next year. Anyone know how they compare? I don’t want to go over what we already have done and I know some math curriculum are slower paced and some more fast paced. The whole reason for the switch is my son isn’t really liking the math u see and I am sort of having trouble teaching it the way they do things. Plus we find it kind of boring and my son doesn’t even use the blocks. Thanks for any help!

HID doesn’t have its own math curriculum. It does recommend Singapore math for younger grades and Teaching Textbooks for older grades.

Yes sorry I guess I should have put that on there…lol:-) my son is in 2nd grade this year so I would be switching to Singapore. I got caught up looking at HOD and put that instead.

Math-U-See and Singapore are pretty different options.
Math U See takes math very slowly and incrementally. It teaches things in a totally different order than any other math program and uses manipulatives to explain math at every level through Algebra. MUS offers videos that allow some of the math teaching to solidified by someone else. MUS is often the choice for kids who struggle to internalize math concepts.
Singapore takes an Asian approach to math and uses the home instructors guide to cover many ways to mentally manipulate numbers through shortcuts. The HIG needs to be used to teach the concepts “correctly.” It needs to be supplemented with extra drill work and is an excellent choice for kids who are intuitive with math. Singapore is usually considered to be “harder” than MUS.
Should you decide to switch programs, I would recommend taking the placement tests for Singapore because with the very different scope and sequence of the two programs there would likely be gaps.

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Thanks so much…that really helps. We weren’t able to make it to a homeschool convention this year so it makes it more difficult to choose curriculum without being able to look through it in person. Thanks again!! :smile:

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I have used Singapore Math with Heart of Dakota through 3rd grade. I may switch to math mammoth for my 4th grader next year.

I didn’t realize HOD used TT for math in the older grades. Do you know what level that starts?

Oh I thought it was TT, but it’s actually Foerster’s. And that starts in 7th grade.

What would be the reason for choosing math mammoth? Was Singapore harder?

No, Singapore isn’t harder… I just feel that math mammoth will give him more review as we go. my son is not big on memorizing math facts and so repetition is going to be more helpful for him. I feel math mammoth will give him that repetition and Marie (author) is always available to answer questions and provide help.

We also use Math Mammoth. I got it 40% off through homeschool buyer’s coop. I like the extra review built in, and that all instruction is in the student book. This allows for more independence as my kids get older. I also like that it teaches math in many different ways, allowing the kids to have a strong foundation.
The main complaint about MM is that a lot of kids find there to be too much on a single page, since we are using it from the beginning this has not been a problem.

Great! Thank you very much for the input! I am going to look into it.