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We are using LHFHG for kinder this year and we are Almost done. I ordered Beyond but after looking at the history it looks like a lot and my son might not like it. He is 6. Is there any curriculum that you would use before Beyond? I am really scared of trying to piece together my own. my son also reads chapter books so anything that has phonics integrated would not work. He wasn’t very fond of the history in Little hearts so it makes me nervous. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

I did Beyond with my 6yr old and then did Bigger at half speed. We liked it. Some people do Beyond at half speed.

Thanks for the reply:)

We are using Beyond this year with my 7 year old second grader. It is very heavy on history, so if your son didn’t like the way they did history, he probably won’t be fond of Beyond. :confused:

To add another question regarding HOD. We are finishing up LHFHG and it has gone very well. My son is doing well with the Reading Lesson but still is a very early reader. Next year with Beyond, 1st grade 6 y.o., we will be choosing the emerging reading books. Do you think this is enough for continuing to build reading skills. With many different different phonics/reading programs out there and with different levels available I am feeling like we should be continuing with this option. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks

I have had the same thoughts about HOD. In my opinion, reading is the most important subject because you need it to do everything else. So there’s a part of me that thinks doing only the emerging reader set is not enough and that a more specific “reading program” is needed. I could be totally off on that though.

Hi ladies,
Let me say that it depends on your child. My son transitioned just fine from All About Reading to the Emerging Readers. remember, that this curriculum is a very Charlotte Mason influenced. So, literary elements are discussed with the story time book. Things such as genre, setting, character etc are covered there. Drawn into the heart of reading is then utilized after emerging readers. if you feel your child needs more phonics instruction and it is not being covered if you’re using a separate spelling curriculum, then you can always add it. I have not found it to be an issue… this is my fourth year.

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Thanks so much for your response:)

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