Great curriculum choices for the Auditory Learner

I am looking for any advice about curriculum choices for a student who is a strong auditory learner and pretty weak in visual process. My son has non-verbal learning disability which basically means he is great in auditory and verbal learning but he has a hard time with visual processing and executive function. I am planning to homeschool him next year and I have put together a list of what I want to use given his strengths and weaknesses but I was curious if anyone had any other suggestions or advice.
Here’s what I am thinking so far:
Bible- Devotion and Scripture memory, Word of Life Work Book, Character Building for Families Workbook
Language arts
Literature/Reading-All about Reading combined with techniques from Visualizing and Verbalizing
Spelling- Sequential Spelling
Vocabulary- IEW or Wordly Wise
Writing- Speech therapy and IEW (Teaching Writing/Student Writing Value Package Level A)
Grammar-IEW- Fix It! Nose Tree Book 1 and the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Handwriting- Handwriting without tears or A Reason for Handwriting
Teaching Textbooks combined with techniques from On Cloud Nine, Times Alive online??
**Science and History-**Story of the World Vol1 (audio books and workbook), Apologia Exploring creation

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Hi @Njbullock welcome,
I cannot speak to all of your choices, but I would like to comment on a few of them.
From your other post I’m guessing this is a son who will be in 4th grade in the fall?
My son, who has some vision processing issues liked the idea of TT. But when he tried it, it was not a good fit. He was constantly getting the numbers backwards or mixed up on the keyboard and therefore the answers wrong. I was going to have him answer in the book, but waited too long and he was just over it. If your son is used to using a computer that may not be an issue.
The act of writing has many components related to vision…Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling, Handwriting, and additional workbooks. There is a considerable amount of writing when you total these choices. Is language arts a strong subject for your son? With difficulty in vision processing and executive functions you may want to take it slow initially or use the summer to take an in-depth look at the combined components of your choices. Not that your child cannot handle it, but public school to homeschool is a large change. Then add in all new curriculum it can be a bit overwhelming.
Jim Weiss is fabulous! Listening to SOTW would be ideal. I love, love, love IEW, my dd is using Phonetic Zoo and Fix It.

Second here for Phonetic Zoo. Very auditory friendly!