Grades for Sports

Needing some input, ideas and/or help in regards to grade keeping for sports. The league that our daughter will be in this next fall requires grade reports/report cards for eligibility to play and such. I have never done real grade keeping and report card making. Just simple test score and that’s it - but never recorded it. Ideally I don’t want to spend money on a program, is there a free and EASY template or method anyone uses to keep track of grades/scores? Also how do you all go about making it into a sufficient “report card”? I know if I looked enough I could probably find something that works, but I would love to try and reach out to y’all for ideas. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

You might want to use something like Homeschool Tracker or Skedtrack. For both of them you can input your daily grades and it will calculate overall grades for you automatically. So then you can just print out a report for them as needed.