FS: Singapore Math 2 - Complete Set


Singapore Math (Standards Edition) 2nd grade set:
All books are in very good / like new condition.

Singapore Math 2A Textbook 2
Singapore Math 2B Textbook
Singapore Math 2 Extra Practice 2
Singapore Math 2A Home Instructor’s Guide 1
Singapore Math 2B Home Instructor’s Guide

$55 for all 5 books, includes cost of shipping by media mail
All books are in very good or like new condition. (You may find a stray post it note here or there)

Singapore Math is a very solid math program and the Home Instructor’s Guide makes it very doable in a homeschool setting.


I am planning on using a Singapore math this year for 3rd grade. Both kids are strong in math. In your opinion do I need to start at level 2? I will try and use the placement test this evening.

I am definitely interested if they test into this level. My children are 7and 8.



I would have them take a placement test if possible. My 2nd grader did Singapore 3 this year, so I’m not sure which level would be most appropriate, it might depend on what program they had done before. If you go online to Christian book distributors or Rainbow Resource, they have inside page views that allow you to look at the table of contents. That might help you know what topics are covered, and where to fit your child. Unfortunately, my set is not longer available. Best wishes to you and your family!