Extra Curricular Activities

Hello everyone,
Most of the extracurricular activities are happening after 3pm, so do you take your kids out during the day?and how many times per week you organize something with other families to get the kids together?

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We have a standing play date on Mondays from 1-3pm with my 2 of my daughter’s (7 years old) homeschooled friends. We rotate homes each week. Then Friday afternoon she goes to art class at another friend’s house for about 1 1/2 hours.

Not sure that we’ll do the weekly play date next year due to increased curriculum demands but it’s been a great chance for the girls to learn to get along, problem solve when they don’t want to all play the same thing, etc.

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Thank you very much @alimaree this looks really good, but are they satisfied with it, so you don’t feel they need more just to compensate school, Just wondering :smile:

Because my daughter has never been to school (aside from preschool), she really doesn’t have anything to compare to our way of doing things. She does go to a homeschool group all day Thursday (academic based but has plenty of time to form friendships). We are also very involved in our church so she sees friends on Sunday and Wednesday as well as at the small group Bible study that meets in our home.

Our daughter (and our 4 year son) seem to be completely fine with the options for socialization that they have experienced up to this point.

Good luck with finding the right balance for you!


We got to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) which is more for me than for my daughter, but my daughter loves it as well. I used to take her to an art class at a local gallery and gardens, and we both really enjoyed that. We’ve done storytime at the library – usually in the summer, though. This spring I’ve taken her to Caterpillar Club at the Memphis Botanical Gardens which is a six-week class (every two weeks) learning about nature and a corresponding nursery rhyme. For example, Pocketful of Posies was about flowers; Humpty Dumpty was about bird eggs; etc. She is the oldest one in the class and is one of the ones most likely to answer questions. She enjoys it, but we probably won’t do it again in the fall. It mostly depends on how rigorous and demanding her K5 work is.

As soon as she turned five, we joined an American Heritage Girls troop which meets every other week on Monday nights.

On Monday afternoons, she goes with me to Ladies Prayer Group and Soulwinning at our church. We also get together with some friends every so often and, of course, there’s always the errands that need to be done. I’ve started taking a self defense class at the same church where we go to MOPS; after that class, we go to the library. I feel like a lot of our time is taken up with extra stuff, but I do try to have at least one if not two or three days where we don’t go anywhere.

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Thank you ladies for sharing your schedule with me, it helps a lot :slight_smile: wish you all the best :smile: