Explaining homeschooling

We recently moved to a new city and my son is going to be withdrawn from his Prek. I know that I want to start homeschooling in September but I have no idea how to explain to my 5 year old thst he will No longer see him teacher (who he loves) and his classmates and all that. How do I do this? What do I tell him? He is going to be sad and confused and I don’t know how to explain it all to him. We asked (begged) the superintendent to let him stay until the end of the year but out request was very quickly denied. So they want him out by Friday and I have 4 days to prep him for end of school. Can anyone give me any advice.

My heart goes out to you and to your son. How hard this must be for you and also as you anticipate the transition for him as well. I wish I had loads of wisdom to share. All that really comes to mind is that in our experience with our two oldest children (now 7 and 5), in times of biggest transition (including a move across several states), they surprised us with their ability to adjust and adapt quickly to the changes, even when those changes meant some level of disappointment and sadness for them. Of course we hugged, explained as best as we could in terms we thought they could understand, and continued hugging when their feelings would come back up at unpredictable times. But often, the anticipation on our part was more than the reality of the adjustment on their part. But again, each family is different as is each situation, and it sounds like you are also struggling with the suddenness of this transition. That has to be difficult. With most transitions there is more time to prepare children. I will be praying that he will be comforted in his heart as this change takes place.


My kids were just beginning 2nd, 1st, and PreK when I pulled them out last year (two months into the year). I had a little more time to prepare them, but not much.

I just started out by telling them that they way they do school was about to change. Instead of going off to school, we were going to do our schoolwork at home. And then I let them ask questions. They all took it in stride (even my 4yo).

Your son is young enough that just about everything is new and different. Kids are so much more resilient than we sometimes give them credit for. He will be fine! Trust me. Explain what your day will be like, and plan some fun things for the first week.

I would also suggest you research some activities for kids, like programs at the YMCA and local library, maybe find out if he can participate in the school district’s sports team. Anything where you might find other kids. Most libraries have a story time for preschoolers.

This will be a big change for both of you, but it’s not a devastating change. You’ll both be fine. :wink: