Experiences with BJU English?

This is another one I am really liking. I went to Mardel today and flipped through it. Anyone positive or negative experiences?

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I plan on using it next year! My aunt homeschooled all 3 of her boys (2 are in college and one is a junior in high school…all 3 are quite literally geniuses). She also has a Masters Degree in education and has taught hundreds of children in her home over the years. She swears by BJU for most subjects, especially English. :slight_smile:

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I bought it to use next year. I will have a 3rd & 5th grader in August. Currently, we are using Easy Grammar and Winning with Writing. We also gave Essentials in Writing a try this year. I did not like EG. WWW was good, but not enough in my opinion. EIW would be great for a kid who could watch the video, then work independently. My son couldn’t do that and it wouldn’t play on my laptop, so I found it hard to always watch in the living room and then work at a table.

Looking through BJU manuals and the student workbooks, I like that it alternates between grammar in one chapter, then writing in the next. I also like that it includes units on using the Dictionary, Library & Thesaurus.

I have done TONS of research and I feel like this is a solid curriculum that we will stick with. As my son gets closer to middle school, I find myself really taking more time to make sure his curriculum will prepare him for higher education.

HTH :smile:

@momto4 What grammar did you use for 2nd grade? I’m using Shurley for 1st grade, but not sure if I want to continue…

We used Easy Grammar. It was ok. I wasn’t as impressed with it as so many others are.

We love BJU English! I’ve used it with my oldest son since 3rd grade (he is in 4th now) and we’ve had no problems with it.

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