Expedition Earth vs. MFW Exploring Countries/Cultures

I am torn between the two. Can someone compare these? Could they be used together? Thank you!

We used MFW and loved it enough that I did it with my older kids and younger kids again. You could definitely use them together.


I researched both of these about 2ish years ago and went with Expedition Earth. I have used MFW in the past, including this past year, (but not the countries and cultures, the younger years only, so I can’t compare the two) and I like MFW, but I felt like Expedition Earth was both less expensive and offered many more activities (and I think more countries?) than MFW. I personally think that doing both would be too much (for me) to handle! Expedition Earth is very complete. You can watch an in-depth video on YouTube for Expedition Earth that’s really helpful. MFW is a great company and you can’t go wrong either way :grinning: There is more prep work in the beginning to get things printed with Expedition Earth but it’s easy to use with plans, and MFW is ready to go with good resale value. I think Expedition Earth is currently on sale! Hope this helps some!


It depends what you’re looking for. If you want mostly Geography, cultural studies, craft projects and some animal information Expedition Earth might be right for you. While it incorporates some other subjects, it is predominantly teaching Geography and is meant as a hands-on single subject that utilizes different types of learning styles.

My Fathers World, on the other hand, is meant to cover more subjects, it includes Bible, Music, Art, Geography, Science, Cultural Studies, studies of unreached people groups and world religions, and Read Alouds of missionary biographies. You only need to add language arts, math and optional foreign language (they make suggestions but I use my own choices). If you are interested in an open and go curriculum for all of these subjects that has been scheduled for you, and you are interested in completing the rest of their five year learning cycle taking four years to cover history from creation to the present day (broken down as follows: Creation to the Greeks, Rome to Reformation, Exploration to 1850, and 1850 to Modern Times), then I would choose My Fathers World. This is designed to teach all of these subjects in a unit study type format where each unit is a different country using Charlotte Mason and Classical educational perspectives.

I also love the Geography game that comes with Exploring Countries and Cultures. My kids mastered a lot of countries.

I have both Expedition Earth and Exploring Countries and Cultures. Both curriculums use A Trip Around the World and Another Trip Around the World, but My Fathers World also uses a lot more resources because it covers multiple subjects. I think both are great, it just depends on what you are looking for.