Elementary History Suggestions

I am looking for a new history curriculum for next year. Any recommendations for 3rd grade history? I will also have a kindergartener, so if there is something they can do together even better.

I suggest Sonlight Core A or Core B. It is a wonderful history curriculum.

I agree with Sonlight. We LOVE it.

We use Truth Quest. It relies heavily on library resources but I have to say my kids (K and 2nd) have already learned a ton (and so have I!). I really like it and it challenges me as a teacher to dig in and get them thinking not just about the historical events but about the beliefs and views that led to those events even when it means asking tough questions. We have had a great time so far!

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And I forgot to mention it is multi age so it would work across several grades.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I will look at both.

We used homeschool in the woods and it is a great program for multi ages, with a lot of interactive activities. Used for my daughters in kindergarten, 2nd grade and 5th grade.

Thank you, Tracy for your recommendation.

We used TruthQuest to start the school year, and I really love the concept, but our library had NONE of the books, and they listed a lot of books but didn’t really say which was truly the best, so even finding them to buy on eBay was a painful process. A short list of topics would have been just as useful since I could find no books and had to just get random books on the topic. If they would sell a book pack it would be a fabulous curriculum, or if you have a good library/library system with many of the older quality books. We ended up stopping it because it just was too impossible to find quality books. Thankfully my kids are quite young (oldest is 4th) so we switched to more of a science focus this year with just a few historical books to read and next year we will dive back into history.

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