Discovery K12 Program

Has anyone had experience using the Discovery k12? Not to be confused with the public k12 and Connections Academy. I just heard about it today, and took a gander and saw its not common core, they hold attendabce and all that and its also free. I just wanted to know if anyone usues it or has used it.


I have no experience with this, but it really looks interesting. I’m intrigued and want to know what others think. Thanks for sharing this resource @momlivininfaith

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Yeah when i heard about it i checked it out. Looks like a good resource, but would like to see if anyone has experience :smile:

We tried this and one other free online curriculum, ( after leaving Connections Academy.

On the positive side, I liked that it went into more depth than All-in-one. It does cover a lot and I like the fact that it was secular. We are a multi-faith family and we incorporate religion differently. I do like that it sends an email to the parent of everything the student did. You can see all the answers the student types up.

On the flip side, there are a few issues with scheduling, like not being able to set your own holidays and subject schedule. I’m sure as the site grows, the options will become more varied. The reason we stopped using it was that they were requiring an essay or two a day from the student (5th grade) and we found it exhausting. We also did not like that there was no personalization in the subject matter.