Curriculum help for a Gifted Child

Has anyone had experience homeschooling a Gifted Child. I recently just found this out and it might be the reason for some of our homeschooling frustrations. I’m being told that the repetition might be what is confusing her. So I’m just wondering if anyone has any curriculum suggestions. Math is our main struggle. She is 2nd/3rd grade level. Thank you!

My oldest has oppositional defiance and high function autism. We have had good luck for Math with Math U See but what we do is watch the video at the beginning of each lesson and then I let him do as many as the worksheets in that lesson as he can (he knows he has to do at least 2). This has cut out the tears and fighting because he feels like he is in control and he can go at his pace. He is very gifted in the subjects of Math and Science so if he feels like he knows something already we just go faster in that section. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: