Curriculum For Sale


I finally got around to cleaning out my curriculum from over the years! HaPpY Browsing! All from smoke free clean home! PayPal only. Thanks


Math U See Gamma Instructor Guide and DVD, Nice. $25

Explode the Code Teacher’s Guide Books 7 & 8 and Books 5 & 6 $3 each

Explode the Code Book 8. Brand New I have 3 copies. $7 each

Explode the Code Book 7. Brand New, $7

Writing and Rhetoric Book 1: Fable. By Classical Academic Press. I have 3 copies and all only have Lesson 1 done in pencil so you can erase, plus a few highlights in Lesson 1 $10 each

Writing and Rhetoric Teacher’s Edition Book 1: Fable. By Classical Academic Press $8

Writing and Rhetoric Teacher’s Edition Book 4: Chreia & Proverb. By Classical Academic Press $8

Wordly Wise 3000, 3rd Edition, Book 6. Lessons 1 and 2 are done in pencil. I also have the Answer Key. $6

Trail Guide to U.S. Geography , Teacher’s Manual and disk for Student Notebook $10

Trail Guide to World Geography, Teacher’s Manual $8

First Language Lessons For the Well Trained Mind Level 1. I have the for poems used for memorization printed on cardstock that I found online that are included. $10

Life of Fred Apples $10

A Child’s First Book of American History by Earl Schenck Miers $15

Right Brain Phonics Program by Diane Craft. A reading program for the struggling reader. $40

Spelling You See D Americana Part 1 and 2. I have 2 copies of these. Both have lessons 1-8 done. $15
Spelling You See D Instructor’s Handbook $10
Spelling You See E American Spirit Part 1 and 2 Lessons 1-9 are done $15
Spelling You See E Instructor’s Handbook $10
Spelling You See F Ancient Achievements Part 1 and 2. Lessons 1-5 are done $15
Spelling You See F Instructor’s Handbook $10

Building Spelling Skills by Christian Liberty Press, Book 6. Brand New. It does have my DS name on front. It comes with the Answer Key $5

Easy Grammar Grade 3, the thick one with reviews and tests Workbook pages with answers overlaid face reproducible workbook pages for students to complete. $12

Your Story Hour Heritage of Our Country Series $25


I am interested in your spelling you see D. So the begging of the book is completed. You have 2 sets? Is each set $15 and handbook $10. Total price is $45. Let me know if that is right.


I’m interested in your Spelling you See F if it’s still available.


Please forgive my late response! Single mom of 5 LOL. It is still available if you want it and I would sell it to you for $20ppd for everything.


It’s alright, however, I went ahead and bought elsewhere, since I wasn’t sure when you’d see it.


I’m interested in Writing and Rhetoric both student and teacher edition!


Hello! Is that Book 1 Fable?


Yes! :slight_smile: unless you also have higher level sets as well… :slight_smile:


That is the only set I have ?? LOL I have other student only or teacher only LOL I’m not sure how that one happened. :slight_smile: Here is my pay pal info.
I will go to the post office today and mail those to ya when you send me your address! Did you only need 1 student copy?


Im interested in Writing and Rhetoric book 4 if still available. thank you


Yes, it is still available! It’s the Teacher’s Edition. Just an FYI, shipping is not included. I’m in PA, so if you are on the east coast somewhere, it should be expensive. I ship the cheap way :grin:


Is Spelling You See F still available?


unfortunately not :frowning:


Do you still have spelling you see level E?


Is the spelling D still available?


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