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Hi…how do I go about finding a certified teacher to look over my daughters school work for this year? Any input would be appreciated.

Can you explain in further detail what you mean? Do you just want someone to check the curriculum you’ve chosen to use? Do you want someone to grade her work? Do you want someone to check in with once in a while to let you know how she’s doing? All of this is possible, but I don’t believe most people do this when homeschooling. What grade is your daughter in? Thanks!

We are nearing the end of her 4th grade year and this is my first year traditionally homeschooling. We were with OHVA up until last fall. I know I need a licensed, certified teacher to look over her 4th grade school work and sign an Academic Assessment Form so I can submit it to the superintendent showing she is ready to enter 5th grade.

Sorry to sound confused, I’m just trying to clarify. Your daughter was in a virtual school last year (for 3rd grade?). Beginning this past Autumn you started homeschooling 4th grade? Now you need a form signed so you can begin 5th grade. Will this be 5th grade homeschool or 5th grade at a traditional (or virtual) school?

Is this a state requirement? In my state that is not a necessary step.

I would start by calling schools, particularly the one in your district, to see if any of the teachers offer that type of service. Most, if not all, teachers in a public school are certified and licensed in their state.

Something to consider is the type of certificate a teacher has. For instance in my state teachers are certified for preschool-2nd grade or 1st-6th or middle school and then in high school they are subject specific. If this is true in your state you would need to make sure that the teacher who asses your daughter’s work has the correct certification if that is required.

Another place to look would be to call the superintendents office and see if they have teachers that have worked with other homeschooling parents. If this is a requirement in your state you will not be the first person to need this.

Do you know any other homeschooling moms in your school district? They would be another source to ask.

In the end if you need a licensed certified teacher it would need to be one in your state I would assume. I am a certified and licensed teacher (I taught first grade before kids) and my husband is one as well but as I am in MA I would assume that would not help you.

I live in PA and we have a similar law. One of the best places to find someone is through a local homeschool co-op or online forum (something like this but specific to your area…I belong to a yahoo group of homeschoolers in my area.)

Be careful calling the school district to find someone because not all teachers will be familiar with your state’s homeschool law and may require things from you that the law
does not.

Good luck in your search!

Thank you, ladies. You have answered my question. I live in OH and as long as a teacher is certified, doesn’t matter what grade, then he, she would be able to review the progress of my daughter. When we were with the online school, they took care of all of that. I at least know where to start :smile:)

Olive in Ohio too. I called a private school near us since they have an independent studies program and the lady put me in touch with a person who is a certified teacher and does the assessment for home school kids. It was our first year last year and I had a very hard time finding someone I found her. Especially since we don’t live by any home school groups here that I know of.

We also have to have a certified teacher look over our children’s schoolwork. Luckily my sister in law is a teacher so she looks it over and signs the paper for us. Do you know anyone who is a certified teacher? Or maybe a friend of a friend? You could also go to your local public school and see if there is a teacher there willing to look it over.

Wow ya’ll! I’m so glad I’m in Texas! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I started reading and started freaking out a little… wondering if I needed all that too… I’m glad I live in IL