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Bookshark grade 5 for sale

I have Bookshark grade 5 novels including history. Most novels not read. Contact me to work out a deal!

How much would you sell the Reading with History books for?

Is it just these following books you are looking for??

History 5

History 5 Instructor’s Guide │Ages 10-13 (FCBB)

Eastern Hemisphere Notebook Pages (FCG1)

Nelson Mandela: No Easy Walk to Freedom (FH03)

Mother Teresa (FH11)

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? (FH06)

Gandhi: Young Nation Builder (FH09)

China Kit (FH23)

Timeline Figures - 5 (FHB1)

Homesick (FR14)

Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere (FH15)

The Shadows of Ghadames (FH17)

Thanks for your reply! Yes those plus the readers and read alouds. do you have them as well? Depending on the price I’ll decide whether I’d like the whole lot or pick specific books. Also, have the China kit or Timeline Figures been used?