Assessments for older children homeschooling?

I am wondering to those that are homeschooling older children in middle school and high school if you had them take assessments in order to know where to start them that way they do not fall behind, because of the material being too hard? I found assessments for spelling, math, and grammar for 5th to high school and have decided to have my children take them so I can see if they are able to do the material for the grade that they are in or if I need to help them with something in a lower grade first and then bring them up to speed on the grade that they are actually suppose to be in.

When I pulled my 8th grader from PS, we chose to start with Switched on Schoolhouse. We did use their math and english assessments to place her. Since then we have switched but I am more in-tune with what she needs so I don’t use an assessment. For math we looked at new programs together.

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Yes, I have done a year-end assessment test in the past and will continue to do so. Although we plan on continuing to homeschool, you just never know what’s around the corner and I want to be sure my little ones are up to par with state standards just in case they needed to be switched to public school. I am weird in that I think about things like…if I die tomorrow, my DH will not be homeschooling and the last thing I want the kids to deal with is struggling in public school right after their mom dies. I know, that’s weird. But, it’s life. :slight_smile:


Yes- I did. It’s important to get them used to taking timed assessments so they will be accustomed to testing by the time they take the ACT or SAT for college entrance. I contacted a local private Christian school and they allowed my children to test at the same time the school tested their students. I would call when school starts in the fall (maybe wait a week or two for them to get settled) to see if it’s possible and when their testing dates are. They may charge a nominal fee.

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