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All About Spelling and/or Spelling You See


@erica, How do you schedule two spelling programs? Your kids do both everyday? or use them in alternated days? Is not too much busywork?


We do the AAS lessons, then they do the SYS on their own as it’s mostly copy work. So we ended up using it as handwriting too which took away one of their other items to do each day. So it kind of all just worked out for us. I don’t know that you really have to do 2 programs like I did. Sometimes that’s just the life of a blogging family. We try a lot of new products, and I wasn’t comfortable with them just using SYS until I could give it a good go and see if it was an effective program.


@Rebecca I know I’m late in this thread, but, did you find a spelling program? My son hates spelling too. We have tried AAS for a while and he has hit a wall and doesn’t want to work with that program anymore:( thank you!


not really… the hunt continues! haha I did go back to old school for the last few months - found spelling lists online, Monday - test him… Tuesday - spell out the wrong with plastic letters … Wednesday - write out the list… Thursday - made puzzles like find a word to find his spelling list words… and on Friday - test with Mr. Potato Head - being right, he could put on a piece on Mr. Potato Head, wrong - take off a piece… he loved Friday! haha

I’ve been looking at Spelling You See for the fall… :smile:


@Rebecca that’s a great idea! I just may use Mr Potato Head in the fall:)


For those of you that used AAS up to level 2 and switched to Spelling You See, which level did you start with? We’re finishing AAS level 2 this month, and I want to switch to SYS, but I want to hear others experiences. Thanks!


We did AAS level 1 and half of level 2… we just dislike the program SO much we decided to drop it completely. My daughter is in 2nd grade. When we started AAS level 2, we also started SYS Jack and Jill (I had a feeling we’d eventually quit AAS). Jack and Jill comes in 2 books - the first was VERY easy for her… she liked it, but it was words like “cat, gum, tub,” etc. The second book moves onto larger/harder words and dictation. She enjoys it and is learning from it (though I still question how kids learn from this - it just seems too easy to be enough to teach, but it does work - at least for us). Originally I wanted to begin with the next level called Wild Tales. I do believe we could have started with this, but it is much more “difficult” dictation and more letter chunking. While I believe my daughter would have been fine here, I decided to begin with Jack and Jill so it would ease us into the program. To make my long story short, we began AAS2 with SYS Jack and Jill for 2nd grade (and we never completed AAS2). If we had finished AAS2 and/or were going into 3rd grade, I would just begin with Wild Tales. Hope some of this rambling helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! This helps. It sounds like maybe I should get Jack & Jill to ease her into the different method. We can either breeze through the first half or just start with the second half. I don’t want her to be frustrated when beginning the new program. I would rather have a few easy months than to squash her interest. Thanks again. This helps!


We did a full half year of Wild Tales and it was NOT helping my poor spelling 5th grader. After half the year she was doing ok in the books but in everyday writing she was still spelling so many things wrong. We just started AAS and seems like it will be a much better fit. This is our first year HS.


Following this post too! Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:


I’ve only used AAS and I love it. It is so easy to implement and a consistant program that has worked well with my kiddo from the start.