All About Reading 2 tips and tricks

We just started AAR level 2. We came to lesson 4, which is the first lesson my son will read a story. That lesson introduces prereading, vocab, and comprehension questions. Does anyone have any suggestions about how they used those activites? I was thinking about writing the vocab words on index cards, and previewing the words before reading the story. Or should we read the story, and have my son write about he vocab words himself ? I know I’m overthinking it😜

@Luvmyboys I read the vocabulary word or words to my daughter. Then I might discuss the pre reading questions before we move onto reading the story.

I would like to lovingly agree that you’re overthinking it😊. To me, with early readers, simplicity and lots of affirmation are really important.


@MotherofMany it’s always wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for having the courage to be honest! I am over thinking it for sure:/ we just finished the first story, and he did great! I skimmed the story for a few words I thought he may not know the definition of, discussed them, then read the story. By nature he is VERY inquisitive, so during reading if he needs to ask a question he does:)

I need to remember NO PRESSURE, and LOTS of encouraging praise! The goal at this stage of his reading is to just get him reading. Thanks for the reminder:)


@Luvmyboys- That’s well said…No pressure and lots of encouraging praise! And I absolutely agree, at this stage you just want to get him reading.

My sweet 7 year old girl is in a similar situation. She’s discovering that reading involves work on her part :slight_smile: Sometimes if she is having a difficult time with a story in AAR we " team read" I read a few words or a page to give her a break and just listen then it’s her turn.

@MotherofMany We do the exact same thing, but call it “partner reading”:slight_smile:

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