Adding phonics/language for 1st grade to AAR & AAS

I will be using AAR and AAS level 1 with my youngest (1st Grade). I am trying to figure out if I need to add a phonics/language curriculum and/or what would be the best phonics/language curriculum to compliment these two?


I used Explode the Code books 2-3 while using AAR/AAS level 1:)

Oops, forgot to mention I also used Shurley English level 1 while using them:)

AAR and AAS are complete phonics programs, so you don’t have to add anything on. I’d include handwriting for a 1st grader.

Here’s an article about planning language arts that might be helpful.

And here’s one about the right time to start AAS–usually you would want to wait until after AAR 1, unless you have a student who is really excited about learning to write and spell.

Hope you have a great year with your youngest!


@Merry Hi Merry! I just tried the link for the article about planning, and it didn’t work…hmmmmm…can you double check It? You always have excellent resources!

Sorry about that–I think I have it fixed now!

Like Merry said - AAR and AAS are definitely complete. We’ve used AAR since Kindergarten with my boys (now in 3rd) - and I’ve never once felt like we needed to supplement. We’ve also used AAS since 1st grade - and love that too.
We do take our time on the lessons - and take a week to do each one - practicing 10-15 phonogram and word cards a day. I find that there is plenty of practice and instruction in both programs already. They are very well written. :smile: