Abeka language 1

Quick question for anyone who has the answer is it necessary to buy the teacher key or the lesson plan book if you are not going to use the phonics from abeka or the spelling? Or is the language 1 workbook self explanatory and nothing else is needed?

I have used both. The teacher lesson plan is needed for the phonics/reading/spelling lessons. If you are using only the Language portion you don’t need it.
The teacher answer key is useful but not really needed, the exercises are very easy to check. I only would recommend it if you have several kids and a lot of papers to check, like me. If not, the only thing you need is the student workbook, it has short explanations of the new concepts and a lot of practice.

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Because it’s such a basic grade most adults know the parts of speech and basic use of the English language and writing. If you look at the table of contents and also review the written material & book work before the child is to complete you could do the explaining of things like noun, verb, adjective, capitalization, proper nouns, parts of a letter, parts of a book, etc. and save yourself $ by not buying the teacher companion. But if you’re curious of what it might have and would like to have eBay and Amazon usually have used ones at pretty great prices.