AAR 3 Replacement? Or stick with it?

I need curriculum advice!

This was our first year of homeschooling and we we went through a charter. I did All About Reading levels 1 and 2 with my first grader and we loved the program. Now it looks like I won’t have charter funding because we are moving and I am trying to figure out what to do about LA for her. AAR level 3 is about $120. Do you think it’s worth it? Or is there something else I could do with her that would be as beneficial but less costly?

She also did some Explode the Code workbooks (1-3) and enjoyed those, but I didn’t take the time to teach the material from it as much as it was supplemental support to what we were already doing.

Any advice is appreciated. :smile:

Following…I too have been wondering about what to do after AAR Level 2…

THe Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading might be worth looking at.
It is a comprehensive program but there are no bells and whistles.

Thanks! I’ll look into that. :smile:

If you like aar and your dd needs it still I would go with it. I’m in the boat of if its not broke don’t fix it. We are currently using aar 3 and will move into aar 4 even though my children are fluent readers above grade level. I want them to be able to understand how to read and decode correctly. I also like the method and will use it several times with several children so the price is ok with me. It is pricey but worth it to me.

I appreciate that, thank you. I talked with my mom (who homeschooled my sister and me), and she had the same opinion. My daughter went from starting 1st grade barely at grade level to now reading way above and I’m really impressed! I will probably invest in the next level, I just wish it didn’t cost so much…

Look for it used. I’ve seen many people selling it for under $100 including the student sheets. (FB homeschool curriculum sale sites). Also rainbow reaource sells it. Not less but you’ll save on shipping. I like you have seen how it works so well! And even my kids who are now reading well above grade level struggle here and there and are learning new things.