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2018-2019 Curriculum Choices!


Made some changes since my last post. These should be my final plans unless I tweak LA as we go along:

Both dc:
Continue Bible reading schedule. Introduce “buddy reading.”
1000 Commonly Used Words list for spelling
Writing prompt at least once a month
Reading/lit: choose as we go along

9th grade son:
Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1
Daily Grammar website
Core Academy Biology through Schoolhouse Teachers
World History (modified from Schoolhouse Teachers)–substituting some videos and adding some readings
Nutrition–Schoolhouse Teachers Middle School Health Unit 2
Career Development–a course I’m piecing together using ideas from Carol Topp and Cindy Downes; also using Occupational Outlook Handbook and
PE–counting 60 or more hours swimming, doing yard work, and any other physical activity that comes up.

6th grade daughter:
Teaching Textbooks 4/5
A grammar course I’m designing using Ruth Heller, Michael Dahl, and Brian Cleary books plus passages from Simply Spelling
Poetry of Emily Dickinson
Science–Geology with Patrick Nurre (Schoolhouse Teachers)
History–finish American Girl series