2017-2018 Curriculum Choices

LOVE LOVE LOVE these curriculum posts. There sure are a lot of 8th graders out there! Does anyone have curriculum set for a 7th grader? Also, I will be homeschooling my 7th grader for the first time next school year but would like to do a “warm-up” for the summer. Any ideas for what to begin with? Summer curriculum ideas?

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For summer “warm up” if you have a library close by, we do “learning journals” during the summer. It involves a weekly trip to the library and the kids are required to get one non-fiction book (like how to books or encyclopedia of type books) and one biography, reading level doesn’t matter even a picture book is ok. Then they write one paragraph about what they learned and who they learned about. Sometimes they pick a theme like studying the moon and reading about an astronaut. Other times they pick based on the pictures on front. At the end of the summer they have a notebook full of the books they read and interesting facts they discovered.


For 3rd Grade
Math: Right Start Math (just have to figure out which level to start on)
Reading: Progressive Phonics, and I’m really considering All About Reading if I can find it used
Spelling: All About Spelling
History: Story of the World Volume 2
Science: I’ll wait and see what our co-op is doing

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I love this idea!!! :slight_smile:

2nd Grade
Bible – Bible Study Guide (new to us)
Language Arts - Abeka
Math - Singapore Math US edition (not sure yet if we’ll start with 1B or 2A, probably 1B)
Science - Apologia Astronomy and possibly Botany, also Abeka Reader
Social Studies - Expedition Earth, also Abeka Reader
Art – Abeka Art
Music – continue violin lessons, begin piano lessons
PE – soccer league, swimming lessons
Extracurricular – church activities, American Heritage Girls
I can’t remember if I’m missing something or not!

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Now that I have actually done my shopping for the year I have to add/change a couple of my above plans…
5th and 6th Grade
Reading: Same (I will have some days where the children write about specific things in their journals)
Literature Study: I would like my 6th Grader to do “Their Blood Tingled” which is literature study and writing plus I would like them to do at least 1-2 book studies on classics using the "Any Novel Novel Study Guide)
LA- The Good and the Beautiful which includes everything so I will not be buying AAS (I’m avoiding buying it again! lol I hope TGATB does the job!!- We will evaluate after a few months and if it’s not working we will try AAS) We will also continue with Fix-it but will do a few days at a time for now instead of 1 line a day)
History: Romans and Reformers as a family but both my 5th and 6th grader have shown an interest in Beautiful Feet’s History of the Horse, so we will do that as an independent study. If Beautiful Feet is a heavy load they will not be expected to do as many projects from RandR maybe 1 project for each section instead.

Nothing else has changed for 5th-6th

2nd Grade
Only change is that we will also use TGATB for Spelling also (same as above)

Preschooler has worked through almost all the Rod and Staff About Three workbooks already! EEK! So seems we will be doing Answers for Preschoolers (I got this very cheap as it is out of print) and then move onto Rod and Staff’s ABC series only Books A,C,D and E then we will move onto Kindergarten II. I also went ahead and bought the AAR Pre-Reading.

And that’s a wrap folks. :slight_smile:

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I have now decided what to use for 5th grade science. We will use the Introduction to Life Science course from Schoolhouse Teachers.


7th Grade:
Math: Teaching Textbooks 7
Art: K12
Music: Piano
Science: Apologia Zoology 3 / Human Anatomy
Literature: K12
Language Arts: BookShark
History: K12’s The Human Odyssey 1 + BookShark books on the side.
Other: Robotics as time allows and Visual Latin 1

5th Grade:
Math: Teaching Textbooks 5
Art: K12 Art
Music: Flute
Science: Apologia Zoology 1 and 2
Literature: K12
Language Arts: BookShark
Spelling: Spelling Skills 4/5
History: A History of US Condensed A and B + BookShark books on the side.

3rd Grade:
Math: Teaching Textbooks 3
Art: K12
Music: Guitar
Science: Apologia Astronomy and Zoology 1
Literature: K12
Language Arts: BookShark
Spelling: Spelling Skills Book
Phonics: Reading Eggs
Handwriting: Handwriting w/o tears
History: Story of the World Book 3

Math: BJU K (+ Math Seeds)
Art: K12
Music: Continue to listen to music and learn new songs
Science: BJU Science 1
Literature: K12
Language Arts: BookShark
Phonics: K12 (+Reading Eggs)
Spelling: Spelling You See A
History: K12 Kindergarten. Story of the World Book 1

I should mention I tried to put my kinder in a full schedule program last year, but he had barely turned 5 at the time if the “cut off date” so I didn’t know how he would do. It didn’t go well, he wasn’t ready for a lot of things. So, we scaled way back and he is doing great now. So, some things for his kinder year this year are more advanced than the other things we held back on! But I think he is going to rock it this year!

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