1st Grade Cirriculum

This past year with my kindergartener we used your K4 curriculum and really liked it. I really liked that it had a weekly print out with a schedule for that week. Does your 1st grade curriculum from 2012-2013 have that as well? And would you still use the same curriculum now? I am not familiar with Abeka but have heard a lot about it on your blog. Anyone have thoughts about Abeka?

I like Abeka as far as them having a good foundation academically, however the program was originally intended for a private Christian school setting and includes a lot of busywork which some people like and some people like me don’t.
Sometimes I stretch the program out a little longer than intended because I found some things took too much time.
If you don’t like that but know how to shave off the things you don’t need or want you will be fine with Abeka. I will be using K4 soon only as a phonics review. I have used language for Grade 3 and 4 and also used K3 when my children were younger.


We use A Beka, I love the spiral method and it works well for my kids. But @Proverbs31 is rigth, there’s a lot of seatwork, specially in first and second grade. We use the workbooks and reading books and love them. Sometimes I choose just one or two activities from the seatwork list if I consider it needed, but the workbooks have enough practice so could skip most of the seatwork. The teacher manuals are helpful, specially for phonics and arithmetic, all the lesson plans are done. The phonics and arithmetic test key are essentials. I LOVE their phonics program!


Hi Melissa,
I’m so glad that you liked the K4! I normally go with Abeka for first grade, and yes if you get the TM it does have daily lesson plans in it. We also use the Math U See Alpha and they also have daily worksheets that you go through so it’s pretty self explanatory. Abeka is fairly traditional so it’s similar to what they’d be doing in a school setting. There are a lot of extra worksheets (a.k.a seat work or busy work) so we don’t normally do that. I just use them for the language/phonics/reading portion.

I just purchased the TM, the basic phonics flashcards, the readers and the Letters & Sounds 1 and the Language 1 workbooks. You can usually find the TM, readers, and flashcards used online.

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